Do I have to buy a violin for my child to learn?
If you do not want to purchase your own violin there are companies who rent violins for a very reasonable monthly fee in Vienna. ( This includes violin, bow and case ) This means that as your child grows they can change the size of the violin and bow when needed. 
Are lessons in a group or individual?
I have both group and individual lessons throughout the term. Groups are no larger than 4 children. Each child will receive individual attention when needed.
Do I have to practice with my child?
If a child just takes the violin out for lessons, there will be a limited amount of progress  which is frustrating for both teacher and student. Please set aside time to practice with your child. 5-10 minutes violin practice 4-5 times a week is fine if that is all that can be managed. 
Will my child learn music theory?
Yes, each lesson will include playing, learning to read music and musicianship skills such as developing a 

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What age group do you teach?

I teach children from the age of 4. I do not teach  adults. 

Does my child need his/her own violin?

You will need your own instrument. You can either buy your own ,or rent from various companies in Vienna. For a trial lesson you do not need to bring a violin along. 

How long are the lessons and how frequent? Are the lessons in a group?

Lessons are 30 minutes to an hour depending on the age of the child once a week. 

Do you teach at student´s homes?

No, I teach at my music studio in the 6th district of Vienna ( 3 minute walk from U4 Kettenbrückengasse)

Do you only teach in English?

I teach in both English and German. 

Do you teach music theory?

Yes, I teach general musicianship skills such as aural training, music reading skills, developing a good sense of rhythm as well as playing in an ensemble.

Does my child have to practice?

If your child does no practice at all, there will be little progress made which is frustrating for both child and teacher. Please set aside time for your child to practice.

Why learn the violin?

Learning the violin supports all kinds of learning. Making music involves more than learning an instrument, children are required to tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously in order to play a simple melody. Not that Mozart makes you smarter, but it’s a very integrating, stimulating activity. The list of benefits children are exposed to by learning an instrument is endless, what is often left out is the joy and fulfilment that music making gives, being able to appreciate music is a gift for life.

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