Lydia Altenburger was born in London and studied piano and violin at the Purcell School of Music with Annie Schnarch. She then went on to study with the late Howard Davis at the Royal Academy of Music where she graduated with a first class honours degree and was a recipient of the Leverhulme Trust award.

Lydia is currently a freelance violinist and violist and performs regularly with artists such as  Reinhard Latzko, Esther Haffner, Patrick Demenga, Hyoli Togawa and Franz Bartholomey at festivals including Blumenstein Festwochen, Badhaus Classix ( Switzerland), Loisiarte ( Austria ) Schwäbischer Frühling ( Germany) among others. She has also performed with orchestras such as the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Volksoper and Radio Orchestra Vienna, Camerata Nordica and the Austrian Musikbanda Franui.

Teaching has become a focus in her life since the birth of her two children who have influenced and continue to influence her teaching style immensely. 

A note on group v.s Individual lessons.

Children of all ages as well as adults have a need to belong, to be part of a group of individuals who share interests, and who come together for a common purpose. I have found a supportive and socially enjoyable group setting to be a rewarding experience for each child, encouraging  them to learn from one another and make music together.  In my experience the group lessons must be supported by individual lessons. Each child has his/her own speed of learning and needs extra help in different areas.